The Study of Autism in Rain Man and Its Real Action Guidance

Abstract: This essay is focused on interpretation and research of autism in the movie rain man. In the contemporary society, patients suffering from autism are capturing more attention from the public. they dwell in their respective worlds and are isolated from the society,they are vulnerable and fragile.Despite the fact that autism is not an universal phenomenon,but the patients still demand caring and love from the family and the society.This passage is mainly concentrated on analyzing the emotional changes between Charlie and Raymond,as well as the medical and psychological analysis and research for autism,plus,it will offer specific directions,guidance and measures to cope with autism,hopefully,this will provide the patients with substantial caring and protection.

Key Words: rain man;autism;social caring;behavior instructions.



关键词:雨人; 自闭症;社会关怀;行动指导.

  1. Introduction

Rain man is a film related to autism .Autism, also known as autism, American child psychiatrist Leo Kanner first described in 1943, social communication (communication) obstacle, language barriers and stereotyped behavior are the three main performances of autism[1-2], also known as Dr. Kanner triad.Among them, the social interaction (ac) obstacle is the core symptoms of autism children, because children can’t very well understand and use effective communication skills for social interaction, and the lack of eye contact, it is difficult to understand the normal social signals (body language, gestures and facial expressions, etc.) [3], so the children show the inappropriate social behavior, affect their normal life.And social skills training can help autistic children into the normal social life.Emerging in recent years, some research and practice also tend to attach importance to children’s inner feelings and personal meaning expression, pay attention to the real situation of the functional social interaction, such as interpersonal relationship development intervention therapy, independent communication training method, etc. [4-5]

  1. Plot Analysis about the Movie

Rain man is the story of a self-centered, quick talking car dealer whose father dies. He hasn’t spoken to his father in years and goes to the funeral mostly to find out what is becoming of his father’s fortune. Instead Charlie is left his father’s car, nothing else. The rest of his father’s estate is mysteriously left to some unknown recipient. Charlie is furious, especially considering his business is on the brink of closure and he needs money. Through some investigating he discovers that his father’s money has been left in the car of a doctor at an institution. He then discovers that in that institution is an older brother he never knew he had…Raymond. Charlie is determined to get that money and takes Raymond into his custody without asking and wants to take him back to L.A. in hopes that he can get permanent custody and therefore the inheritance. Raymond refuses to fly so Charlie and Raymond are forced to take a road trip across the country.

2.1 How Charlie Found the Genius of Raymond

In the process of Charlie with Raymond to Los Angeles, Charlie found Raymond genius ability gradually, is its amazing math ability and memory, and once again the waiter accidentally toothpick scattered on the ground, Raymond is very quick to count the number of toothpicks fell on the ground keep Charlie was very surprised, in the course of the journey, Raymond shows his extraordinary ability to remember many times, including wrote down all the air accident, and therefore refused to fly and therefore and Charlie went on a road driving across the country, and is Charlie after training in the casino is steep, but a little detail here, he tried to go in the casino anticipation of a turntable final result, but forecast a wrong and let Charlie lost $3000, although Raymond is to computing power, but there are still some weaknesses, after casino boss found them, although he did not see any cheating, but don’t believe that a person can memory 6 CARDS at the same time, in the end, he put them all video sent to Las Vegas casino, and warned them not to depend on this way to earn money again, Charlie had to give up this kind of method to earn money, and continue to set foot on the journey with his brother.

2.2 How Dose Charlie Care His Autism Brother

thought the rain man is his own childhood friends, never thought I had a brother like this. Again to take a bath, Raymond insane see hot water, has been called hot water would burn baby, Charlie, visible Raymond to Charlie how deep care and love, even if Raymond intelligence in the brain is far worse than average, but still the brother put in one of the most important position, and then rain man was taken to hospital, also is the death of their mother, father in order to prevent accidental damage to Raymond, Charlie him off, but when Charlie was not aware of this, just because the problem of a father’s beloved car is cut off a parent-child relationship with his father, when Charlie to realize this, my father had already died, this is what a sad story.

2.3 End of the Movie

At the end of the movie, the judge found the Charlie, get him to Raymond to get back to welfare homes, but at the time of the judge Raymond advice, Raymond insisted on going with your brother together, even back to the temptation of words Brooke hospital can’t shake his idea, the trouble brothers finally find that the original lost brother, Charlie, and trust in each other, Raymond can remit within an action.The ultimate result, or is relatively warm

  1. Autism research status at China and abroad

Been internationally recognized as the first report in 1943 at the university of the United States John huo cloth perkins ao and old na (Leo Kanner) in the paper, “autistic disorder in emotional contact” is the world’s first made the classic academia

Sex description.In this paper, as the professor reported 11 cases of children with behavior problems, he described in the paper “starting from early life, is not like normal children to establish contact with the surrounding people and environment”.Accordingly, this kind of disease named lonely syndrome.Later, the United States and other countries some of the people and the disease called canaday syndrome in 1982, nanjing brain hospital child psychiatrist TaoGuoTai professor report 4 cases of children with autism, for the first time since the domestic attention.[4]

3.1 Autism Research From around the world

The report from National Academies Press shows that Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) constitute a major public health problem, affecting one in every 150 children and their families. [5] In 2013 the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of getting Disorders), fifth edition (hereinafter referred to as the DSM – Ⅴ), revised the definition of Autism, collectively known as Autism Spectrum Disorders (Autism Spectrum Disorder, or ASD).

3.2 Autism Research in China

A total of 1.5 million autistic children in China today, and in a ratio of 10% to 17% growth each year, has reached one over one thousand population.And today’s China, there is more than 90% of the population have never heard of, or it is thought that autistic disorder just don’t want to communicate with people of mild mental illness.Society to the attention of children with autism has not been high, for the children with autism have greatly hinder education and rehabilitation.If you can early cognition, early intervention, early training, disease syndrome can get different levels of control and improve, even be able to work independently.[6]

  1. Conclusion

Autism is a disease, and now there is no effective drugs can be treated, no determine its etiology, so more difficult to treat children with autism, domestic for the treatment of autism is still at the early stage, there are many unreasonable problems, such as the industry is not standard, personnel quality, expensive, less relevant national policy subsidy and so on questions, therefore, the current environment for the whole society to carry out treatment for autistic children love still exist some obstacles.

In fact, around us there are many people with autism, Raymond has a special ability that in the movie, after all, is the exception, in real life, there are many ordinary people with autism, they don’t have special ability, they were discriminated against, don’t be understood, and abandoned by society, they need is just some care and respect, especially in our country, in the protection of vulnerable groups facilities and under the condition of imperfect laws and regulations, for the care of vulnerable groups depends on everyone in our society, starting with us, start from the side of dribs and drabs, love every disadvantaged people.



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